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Driving Sunglasses

Driving Sunglasses
Driving Sunglasses
Oakley Crosshair 2.0 Sunglasses
Price: $150.00
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Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses
Price: $120.00
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A wide assortment of Driving Sunglasses are available from Seattle Sunglass Co. When most people ask for sunglasses for driving they think of a polarized brown lens that was popularized by Serengeti Eyewear many years ago. The polarized technology that reduces glare has advanced significantly over the years with Maui Jim Sunglasses being known for the fantastic lens technology for glare reduction and color enhancement. The popular successor to that older brown Serengeti lenses are the Maui Jim HCL Bronze Polarized lenses.

Oakley Sunglasses have their own version of Polarized technology, HD Polarized. Oakley HD Polarized fuses the Polarizing film into the injection molded lens material allowing the polarizing filter to bind the lens at a molecular level. Because of this, Oakley to offers a single layer, glare reduction throughout their product line, including wrap sunglasses and shield sunglasses like the M Frame. Oakley's Bronze Polarized lenses are perfect for driving, offering a slight contrast enhancement for lower light conditions.

Other brands like Kaenon Polarized and Revo only offer Polarized lenses for all their sunglasses frames. While brown lenses are suitable for year-round driving, your personal preference might make you choose a darker grey lens or a lighter yellow or green lens. Whatever tint you choose, so long as you choose a Polarized lens, you will be certain to have the benefits of glare-reduction in your sunglasses, which can be critical for emergency driving conditions.

Whether you are buying for functionality alone or for a combination of functionality and style, Seattle Sunglass Co. can help you choose the perfect pair of Driving Sunglasses.

Polarized Sunglasses are perfect for driving, to cut glare from the road, water, and windows and metals off of other vehicles.

Photochromic or Transitions lenses: In the past the lenses that got darker with UV exposure did not work while driving. This was simply due the UV protection built into every windshield. However for those that prefer a photochromic lens that can change while driving, there is a new product we offer called Drivewear that will darken behind the windshield. This is perfect for those individuals that love Transitions lenses but need extra darkening in the lenses while driving.

Clip-Ons: Some prescription eyewear wearers choose to have instant sunglasses by getting a pair of custom, polarized cli-ons for their existing glasses. Our custom prescription department can assist you with custom clip-on sunglasses.

Many Polarized Sunglasses we offer can be customized with Prescription Lenses so you can have Prescription Driving lenses. Contact us at (877) 520-7979 to learn more about Prescription Polarized Sunglasses.