Seattle Sunglass Co. Seattle Eye at  provides custom prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses services for handmade, independent, boutique luxury frame collections in addition to select designer eye-wear brands such as Tom Ford, Persol, Ray-Ban, Oakley and others, We also specialize in sports and vision prescription sunglasses and are the largest Oakley and Maui Jim dealers in the area. We're constantly purveying new frame collections and strive to find the best quality eye-wear at varying price levels. You'll discover that our prices are a great value in each category. Our store is well known for finding solutions to fit most lifestyle needs and face shapes. Whether is a second pair of prescription sunglasses for bike riding or rock climbing, or a classy, vintage frame for everyday wear, we've got your eyes covered. Narrow or wide face make it a challenge to find frames? We are here to help and would love to earn your business as a long term customer. Our mission that is in line with our medical clinic is to prove great service with honesty, integrity and humility. Besides great service, our number one comment is actually the "great or fantastic selection" we offer. See this for yourselves and visit ys today. We are proud to be the premiere, full-service eye wear store in Downtown Seattle and happy to have won fourth place in the King 5 TV's evening magazine 2012 Best of Washington contest in the best Eye wear category.
Due to the precise nature of filling your prescription lens needs, we invite you to contact us for any inquiries and a no-obligation, personalized consultation. We have a new toll-free number direct to our Prescription ExpertsContact us. Ideally, you should fax or email us a copy of your glasses prescription for our review so we best advise you to which frames will work best with your script.

Prescription Sunglasses are our SPECIALTY

Our company has been delivering prescription sunglasses from our Seattle location since 1999 and has completed thousands of jobs for happy customers. We were one of the first optical companies in the USA to provide Oakley and Maui Jim when each company started their prescription (Rx) lenses programs. We continue to serve prescription sunglass customers Nationwide in the USA.
Free, Personalized Consultation
Phone Toll Free 206-267-9500

Ordering Your Prescription Sunglasses Is Easy

In our many years of delivering premium and genuine prescription lenses for our featured sport sunglasses we learned that a phone or e-mail consultation is the optimal way to deliver you the best possible personalized service for your custom prescription eye wear and sun wear needs.  This personal communication helps us to help you purchase the correct frames and Rx lenses for your new prescription eye wear or prescription sunglasses.

Ways to Contact our Prescription Sunglass Specialists

Toll-Free Phone: 206-267-9500
Local Phone: (206) 267-9500 (Rx Department)
Fax: (206) 381-1732
E-mail: Contact us

Seattle Sunglass Company. is an Authorized Prescription Sunglasses Dealer / Rx Dealer for:

Your glasses prescription and your personal needs for prescription sunglasses are unique to you. Due to the numerous factors that must be optimized and because we also offer Prescription Progressive (No-Line Bifocal) Lenses, it is best to allow our Rx Specialists (Opticians) to interpret the prescription your doctor has written to find the best fit for your correction. In some cases the frame you might first choose may not be optimal and our specialists can suggest an alternate eye wear or sunglasses frame.
It is important for you as a consumer to remember that ALL Prescription lenses for eye wear are regulated Medical Devices or they would not require a doctor's prescription.

Satisfaction Committment / Pricing

As a high-volume Authorized Prescription Dealer, we are committed to your satisfaction. This is one reason we don't post Prescription Lens pricing online or offer online ordering. Why? As before, you deserve individualized service and products customized for you. After your free consultation, you will receive a custom quote for your prescription sunglasses. Why do we do it this way? Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase and with us as a company. If you are happy with the product and our services, you will show off your new prescription sunglasses to family and friends and refer business back to us. Right? If you saw a posted price for a particular lens and you calculated what you thought would be the total price with the frame you wanted, what would happen if you later learned your prescription or frame choice required you get a more expensive hi-index (thinner) lens or that you couldn't get the frame you originally wanted? If you had simply clicked, ordered and paid and had to be told later it wasn't possible, you'd probably feel disappointed or misled. That is not a good way to deliver the service or detail required to order prescription sunglasses. The internet store model works well for non-prescription eye wear but has not flourished for prescription lenses for many reasons. This is one.

Trust Our Prescription Services & Experts

As our eye doctors / owner tell us everyday: If you as the customer are trusting us with you eye prescription, then its our job to do everything for you to trust us to help you with the best possible solution for your visual needs and eye health. This philosophy extends to our selection of premium sunglasses brands and products we choose to offer as well as the decisions made to make your ordering experience as EASY as possible. There are many lens options and even more variations of lens/sunglasses frame combinations it can be very confusing and overwhelming. It's our job to educate you to make an informed purchase. This same dedication to excellence extends to why we don't just post prescription lens pricing online as explained above. Misunderstandings about pricing would be a terrible start to begin a conversation with any valued customer. Our team has reviewed thousands of glasses prescriptions and is ready to share their knowledge and experience to help you order prescription sunglasses.

Genuine Factory Lenses / Authorized Prescription Sunglasses Dealer

As mentioned at the top of this page, we are an Authorized Dealer for Genuine Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Rx Eye wear, Kaenon Polarized Prescription Sunglasses and Smith Optics Prescription Sunglasses. In the near future we will have dedicated pages for each manufacturer and list some sample lens options.  In the time-being, just contact us if you have a question.  Seattle Sunglass Co. Rx Department processes many orders daily and is happy to share our expertise with you. Frame manufacturers are getting better about identifying which of their frames can accommodate Rx lenses so you can often learn about some suitable frames

Your Glasses Prescription / Rx

Before sending us your Glasses Prescription, please verify your prescription has these details:

Maui Jim Rx Prescription Sunglasses

Many Maui Jim Styles are available in prescription, including the Maui Jim Sport series. Single vision and progressive lens options available. Titanium Sport and Titanium Elite are available in prescription. Please contact us for details.

Oakley Rx Prescription Sunglasses

We are an authorized Oakley Prescription Dealer. In addition to prescription options for Oakley sunglasses, including single vision, progressive, and Transitions lenses, there are many non-sunglasses Oakley prescription frames to choose from. To ensure your satisfaction with genuine Oakley prescription lenses and frames, please contact us for details.

Smith Optics Rx Prescription Sunglasses

As an authorized Smith Optics Sunglasses Dealer, we are one of select few that can also offer Prescription Smith Prescription Lenses in Smith Optics frames as well as Smith Action Optics (Smith Optics Polarized Fishing Collection) Sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar Rx Prescription Sunglasses 

As an authorized Costa del Mar Sunglasses Dealer, we are one of select few that can also offer Prescription Costa Prescription Lenses in Costa frames as well as Costa Optics (Costa Polarized Fishing Collection) Sunglasses.

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