Zero G Prescription Glasses

Quality, Balance, Strength, Simplicity

Seattle Sunglass Company is a full service Zero G dealer in downtown Seattle. Zero G Titanium refers to "zero gravity" or "weightlessness". This exclusive collection focuses on classic, modern, and timeless shapes in rich colors and unique patterns. Designed in California and handcrafted in Japan, Zero G is created with style, balance, comfort, and weightlessness in mind. All Zero G frames are hypoallergenic, 40% lighter than stainless-steel, and cut from a single sheet of surgical-grade titanium.
Zero G's unique hinge system is designed without screws or solder-points and the spindle is guaranteed not to loosen or fall out - a guarantee unique to Zero G. All frames feature a distinctive embossed "four squares" logo on the temples - representing quality, balance, strength, and simplicity.

Rich Colors, Unique Patterns

Traditionally, flat sheet metal eye-wear has been limited to a mostly industrial look. By incorporating three-dimensional details, two-tone colors, and unique gradient prints, Zero G offers frames that are far from ordinary.
Understated sophistication in classic, oversized shapes compliment a woman's face. Three-dimensional leopard and snakeskin inlays create style and personality, and represent a completely new concept for flat sheet metal frames. Zero G puts modern twists on classic, retro styles - creating bold, stylish looks. Contact us for more details.



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