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SeattleSunglass.com is the internet presence of Seattle Sunglass Co., a brick and mortar retail sunglass shop in the heart of Downtown Seattle's Retail Core at Sixth & Pine. As an independent retailer, we are able to manage our own inventory and adjust quickly to the latest trends and technologies.

Our association with Seattle Eye, Downtown Seattle's Eye Care and Eyewear Center, allows us to offer prescription sunglasses and prescription eye glasses so that we can provide full-service sunglass solutions to our customers locally and online.

The story of Seattle Sunglass started more than a decade ago in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Back then, the store was strictly a brick-and-mortar operation. After growing considerably, our expansion naturally took us online. We’ve developed a strong following here, too. Wherever we go, we bring a wide array of glasses — for outdoor, prescription and fashion purposes — with us. As our loyal customers can attest, because we carry top-quality brands such as Oakley, Smith Optics, Kaenon and many more, we’ve become a go-to destination for casual and serious eyewear needs. Active and outdoorsy types will feel right at home in our outdoor sunglasses collection, featuring reputable, rugged and refined eyewear from adrenaline-pumping brands like Oakley and Smith Optics.

We take industry technology and advancements serious, too. We readily update our collection in order to give our customers access to the latest designs and styles. And the same goes for the list of technological features that you’ll find in our glasses. In our sunglasses, for example, polarized and durable lenses are readily available. We understand the damaging impact that UV rays can have, and so, we make sure to stock sunglasses that not only look good, but are also effective in preventing damage to your eyes as a result of exposure to UV rays.

You may be able to buy a pair of glasses just about anywhere, but why would you want to? To get access to the most popular glasses, you’ll be forced to shop at a store that’s unlikely to have hard-to-find models. And if you’re searching for a particularly coveted brand, you’ll need to resort to shopping at a boutique store — one that probably won’t have much of a selection. What makes Seattle Sunglass the online store that you should make this important purchase from? It should be because we offer a selection of popular outdoor sunglasses, fashion glasses and prescription glasses, as well as rarer styles. On top of this, our store also aims to provide an uncommon level of customer service.

Seattle Sunglass Co.'s mission is to provide superior service while delivering the best in fashion, sport, and prescription sunglasses. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, stop in and check out our retail store. We'd love to say "hello" and talk sunglasses with you!

Authorized Internet Online Dealer

Seattle Sunglass Company. is an authorized dealer for all products listed on our website and we guarantee the authenticity of our product lines. We have further been certified as one of few authorized dealers to become an Authorized Internet Online Dealer. Our online authorized dealer agreements require that we sell all product at suggested retail. This ensures that our customers will receive their full manufacturer's warranty. Beware of online stores selling diverted, discontinued, or damaged products. Even shopping from authorized dealers that are not approved for online sales incurs risk on your part.  It is the discretion of each manufacturer to honor warranties for product purchased from a non-authorized entity. We are an Oakley Eyewear Premium Dealer.

Prescription Lenses are no problem for us

Our prescription lens service is designed to be a time-saver that will allow you to wear glasses from your favorite brands without sacrificing your vision. We have a wide selection of options that will accommodate prescription lenses. And our entire team is filled with eye-wear and vision professionals that work with the products we carry every day. Because of this, we’re able to give our customers knowledgeable help and advice that other retailers simply aren’t able to match. Seattle Sunglass Company is an Authorized Dealer for:

In short, we offer:

Call 888-696-2020 to reach our sunglass specialists with any questions you may have or to place an over-the-phone order.