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Through an employer: Some employers may offer Aetna Vision Preferred. You can choose this insurance plan even if you have no other Aetna coverage. 

As part of your Aetna medical plan: Your Aetna medical coverage may include some vision benefits, too. See your plan documents for details.

They do not offer vision insurance for you to purchase on your own. However, you can sign up for our vision discount program, which includes savings on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery.

The program also includes discounts on dental care, as well as optional pharmacy discounts.* It can be purchased from the program’s website.

Services we off

customized prescription services just for you

your glasses prescription and your personal needs for prescription glasses are unique to you. due to the numerous factors that must be optimized and because we also offer prescription progressive (no-line bifocal) lenses, it is best to allow our rx specialists (opticians) to interpret the prescription your doctor has written to find the best fit for your correction. in some cases the frame you might first choose may not be optimal and our specialists can suggest an alternate eyewear frame.

it is important for you as a consumer to remember that all prescription lenses for eyewear are regulated medical devices or they would not require a doctor's prescription.

satisfaction committment / pricing

as a high-volume authorized prescription dealer, we are committed to your satisfaction. this is one reason we don't post prescription lens pricing online or offer online ordering. why? as before, you deserve individualized service and products customized for you. after your free consultation, you will receive a custom quote for your prescription sunglasses. why do we do it this way? ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase and with us as a company. if you are happy with the product and our services, you will show off your new prescription sunglasses to family and friends and refer business back to us. right? if you saw a posted price for a particular lens and you calculated what you thought would be the total price with the frame you wanted, what would happen if you later learned your prescription or frame choice required you get a more expensive hi-index (thinner) lens or that you couldn't get the frame you originally wanted? if you had simply clicked, ordered and paid and had to be told later it wasn't possible, you'd probably feel disappointed or misled. that is not a good way to deliver the service or detail required to order prescription sunglasses. the internet store model works well for non-prescription eyewear but has not flourished for prescription lenses for many reasons. this is one.

trust our prescription services & experts

as our eye doctors / owner tell us everyday: if you as the customer are trusting us with you eye prescription, then its our job to do everything for you to trust us to help you with the best possible solution for your visual needs and eye health. this philosophy extends to our selection of premium sunglass brands and products we choose to offer as well as the decisions made to make your ordering experience as easy as possible. there are many lens options and even more variations of lens/sunglass frame combinations it can be very confusing and overwhelming. it's our job to educate you to make an informed purchase. this same dedication to excellence extends to why we don't just post prescription lens pricing online as explained above. misunderstandings about pricing would be a terrible start to begin a conversation with any valued customer. our team has reviewed thousands of glasses prescriptions and is ready to share their knowledge and experience to help you order prescription sunglasses.

See the discount programs website