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maui jim prescription sunglasses

Seattle Sunglass Co. was one of the first sunglass shops to offer prescription maui jim sunglasses in the country, we've dispensed hundreds of jobs to satisfied customers. now, we're pleased we can offer mymaui- an exclusive program to mix and match frame and lenses. not only can you change up the lens color, if you love classic wrap style sunglasses but need impact-resistance lenses instead of glasses for action sports, we can do that too! lastly, we can offer genuine maui jim lenses with bifocal segments in a number of select frames. stop in or call us today and customize your own maui jims.
our committment to our customers for delivering high quality, polarized sunglasses is strong. for maui jim, we stock every style in every color. our sunglasses area features a seattle maui jim store area, don't waste your time at dealers only showing you a dozen frames when you can shop the entire collection here in downtown seattle.

95% of their sunglasses are available in prescription

their passion for technology and customer service led them to build their own in-house digital prescription lab. they produce every single prescription lens from this facility in peoria, illinois, ensuring you get the absolute highest quality and service available.

and because the world’s beauty is so important to them, they've designed a lab to be absolutely waste-free. they recycle or reuse all excess lens material produced during processing, for the manufacture of other products, nearly 200,000 pounds per year.
polarizedplus2 lens technology

featured in every mauipassport lens, their polarizedplus2 technology shields your eyes from glare and harmful uv while enhancing the world’s vibrant colors and intricate details.
all maui jim sunglasses have been recommended by the skin cancer foundation as an effective ultraviolet (uv) filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. proper uv protection is critical, as uv radiation from the sun plays a significant role in the development of skin cancer.
always choose polarized sunglasses that block out 99 - 100% of uva and uvb radiation to ensure you're protected. sunglasses that do not provide uv protection can cause more damage to your pupils because they dilate when the light is blocked, exposing your eyes to more harmful rays than without sunglasses.
perfect edge-to-edge clarity
 make every prescription lens using our exclusive digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology. this approach delivers the widest possible field of view, so you can see clear, colorful detail across the entirety of each lens. 

our process also produces prescriptions that are 10 times more accurate than those of conventional labs and maintains the highest optical and quality standards in the industry.